How to Cut your Event AV Costs

Ask any event management firm and they will tell you that good AV is crucial to the success of any event; it can also cause your budget to bulge. Here are a few tips from experts on how you can save costs without compromising on the quality of the AV at your event:

  • Get your own AV vendor: Using the venue’s in-house AV services may be convenient, but may prove to be more expensive, as they will most likely have to pay huge commissions to the hotel/auditorium – which they will try to recover from you. So it makes more sense to have your own provider; not only will it be cheaper, you can be sure of quality when it’s your regular vendor. Make sure you make this clear at the time of venue booking.


  • Get quotes from different vendors: As in any industry, there is stiff competition here too; let it be known that you will engage an AV company that provides good quality for reasonable prices, and get quotes from different companies. As the best corporate event management companies would say, it gives you leverage for negotiation and cutting costs.


  • Provide an option for virtual attendance: Getting attendees to physically participate can prove expensive, with travel, accommodation, food and other incidental expenses. Try to make it a virtual attendance through webcast, and you can save a huge amount.


  • Book the AV provider for multiple meetings: If your company is a large organization, and there are simultaneous events happening (or within a couple of days’ gap) look for a nationwide company for AV, and book them for ALL your events. You will be able to negotiate a substantial discount.


  • Hire according to the event: Not all events will necessitate the bells and whistles. For some events, you may just need to hire equipment that you can operate yourself. So think before you order the full service like setup, onsite technicians and so on.


  • Look for Sponsors: Think of innovative sponsorship ideas: for example, a video wall, where you alternate sponsorship messages along with event info, social media activity and so on. Sounds good?


  • Ask for different options from your AV company: your AV company should be able to provide you with various options at different price levels, and you can choose the one that suits both your requirement and budget.


You want to get the AV right for your event, otherwise your event may not be great. With these tips, you can save money, as well as ensure that your participants have a great time.

Hunting for the ideal AV provider can be time consuming and difficult. If you’re looking to host an unforgettable event, get professional help.

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