Luis Manuel Ramirez And His Energy Efficient Strategies For An Organization

Energy management is a quintessential part of all or any of the business decisions and its role cannot be denied at any costs for any of the reasons at any point of time. Most of the organizations rather all the businesses are putting in some part of the money into these energy efficient strategies and taking the profits of the same in their stride. It is quite beneficial and comes with advantages of its own. Thus, it plays a great role and should not be undermined or considered less at any point of time. It is basically for the planned business decisions and for the benefit of the same in the long run.

Luis Manuel Ramirez is of the view that energy management is essential for any business and is done all over the world. The cost of managing the same must be calculated to assess the future savings and the chances of investments if any in the long run. Nowadays, it is in the hands of the businesses to manage and reduce the cost of energy by laying a model, which helps do so and thus is beneficial for one and all. The main motto of laying down this model is to reduce the costs of energy and workings done to be done accordingly meeting the target requirements and fulfilling the needs.

Two Steps of Energy Management

Energy management by the businesses can be done by following these two steps. The steps are listed as below:

  • The prime objective being to get hold of energy at a cheaper rate
  • After attaining the same, maintain and manage its loss

Hence, one can very well say that the industries and businesses must know how to obtain energy at the best price and avoid its wastage or loss of energy, which is very precious and must be saved for all the good reasons. It is the overall effort of the industries and businesses in total which helps in energy efficiency and thus avoid its loss in all senses of the word. Thus, they must follow energy efficient processes and should encourage others to follow the same.

As per Luis Manuel Ramirez, the above energy saving process is divided in to three layers or three portions. They are as below:

  • Data should be collected or acquired to make the process energy efficient and thus get hold of electrical as well as mechanical data.
  • Data must be analyzed in the next step with regards to management of the assets, setting of the targets and assessing the risks or overall effect on the environment.
  • Last of all, report must be prepared taking the entire process into consideration and remedies and solutions must be provided as and when needed.

Such systems should be adopted sooner the better, in order to get the best of the results. Energy management systems help reduce the negative effects on the environment and thus save it in the true sense of the word. It also helps to maintain and preserve energy for future use without a saying.