Reasons Why Geese Control is Vital for Your Business

I’m going to tell you the story about the geese which fly 5,000 miles from Canada to France. They fly in V-formation but the second ones don’t fly. They’re the subs for the first ones. And then the second ones take over – so it’s teamwork.” – Alex Ferguson

Do you own an agricultural, or grass growing business in the Northern Hemisphere, and is your farm located where the Canada Goose is naturally found? If so, have you noticed that these geese live together in large flocks; therefore, their natural browsing habits can cause a lot of damage to your crops?

Additionally, as with all other animals, the Canada Goose plays a critical role in the world’s ecosystem. Therefore, it is not wise to eliminate the goose population just because they will eat your grass, grain, and berry crops. Thus, it is a toss-up between the preventing large-scale commercial losses and the preservation of the environment, including the Canada Goose’s right to exist.

Therefore, the question that begs is how do you protect your crops, as well as allow the geese to live in their original habitat? The straightforward answer is goose control; however, before we look at how to implement this concept, let’s consider the goose’s natural behaviours:

A bit about the Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is the most common water fowl found in Artic regions of North America during the summer months. They are vegetarian and are found in many different types of water-like habitats such as bogs, marshes, rivers, lakes, as well as swamps. They feed in flocks and, apart from their natural foods, they love agricultural grains like corn and wheat. A breeding pair requires at least five acres of open water as well as a substantial amount of grass to graze on. They are also adept at forming breeding colonies in urban and cultivated areas; thus, they have the potential to turn into noisy pests. Once the seasons change, flocks of these geese migrate from the far north right as far down as far as the South of France.

Why you need to implement measures to protect your crops

The human race and the natural world live in a dichotomy. Due to the large number of people currently living on the earth, vast tracts of land are needed for urban developments and agricultural activities, etc. Ergo, we are destroying natural habitats and ecosystems in the process. Consequently, the native fauna and flora either adapt to surviving in human settlements or they die out.

The Canada Goose is a perfect example of a species that has managed to adapt to live amongst people. However, as mentioned above, they can wreak havoc on crops, causing both a food shortage and substantial financial damage to farmers.

Modern science recognises the fact that both people and geese need to share the same space; therefore, current methods which do not harm the geese and are fit for human consumption have been developed to discourage the geese from eating commercial crops.