Taylor About to Helped Philadelphia Business in Complying with the Benchmarking Legislation

The Philadelphia city finally passed the legislation on June 21, 2012. This legislation was quite strict, and the fact that most companies had not prepared for it made it quite overwhelming. It stated that the organizations that had buildings covering more than 50,000 square feet to benchmark their energy usage and issue feedback on a regular basis. The data had to be accurate was demanded by the government of Philadelphia. The legislation also required that the property owners ensure that they collected and kept a good record of the amount of fuel, natural gas, steam and the water that their buildings consumed and provided report in time.

This legislation quite resembles the New York’s Local Law 84 that all businesses in the region to issue reports on the energy consumption within their premises.

The Taylor Consulting and Contracting has some digital devices that it uses to collect accurate data on the fuel consumption. This is why it became part of the solution to the many organizations in Philadelphia that found it hard to come up with such records. The UtilityModule, which is one of the devices used by Taylor Consulting and Contracting is quite ideal for such undertakings. It is this device that enabled Taylor to help the businesses in Philadelphia to comply with the strict legislation. Taylor said that it would not only track the monthly consumption and stop at that, but it will also help the organizations upload that data to the system so that the legislative requirements are strictly met.

The UtilityModule provides the business owners with the ability to track the amount and cost of energy used within the location, and also to track the properties that are underperforming as compared to most of the businesses in the location. It is accurate regarding data collection and storage of the same. The benchmarking is not as hard as the individuals that own properties in Philadelphia thought it could be, courtesy of UtilityModule. When the legislation was created, the government was looking to help the companies plan well on their utility management and how the planned for the future in case they faced problems related to energy.

Through the years, there has been a close relationship between Taylor and the business owners who have benefited from the modern devices used by Taylor to offer the best energy solutions. Since the start of legislation, there has not been a single case of companies of organizations failing to meet the strict requirements of the new significant legislation by the Philadelphian government. While other companies are yet to learn about the existence of Taylor, quite a number of them have and are continuing to build rapport with it. Before Taylor was founded, organizations faced difficult times trying to find out the amount of energy consumption and how they could reduce it. Thanks to the technology, for it, is the basic foundation of all the digital devices used by Taylor Consulting and Contracting to facilitate companies.