The Key to Men’s Fashion  

When it comes to men’s fashions, it’s safe to say our options are limited. These days, the long standing gates are starting to open as the old guard is starting to back down, but we’ve been taught so long to like only a certain, very limited pool of fashion choices that even with the extra freedom we have today, we choose to stick to what we know. This leaves little room to work with, and one ultimate end point for all of men’s fashion, and I think you know where I’m going with this. That’s right, I’m talking about the suit.

The suit is, and has been since its introduction, the height of men’s fashion and a symbol of consummate professionalism, all rolled into one. The suit is the apex of men’s fashion and has had men swarming Barneys for this legen… wait for it… dary! article of clothing for as long as anyone can remember. When you see a man in a suit, you know that’s someone who’s doing alright for themselves, and they look great doing alright for themselves. However, there’s just one problem. There seems to be one style of suit so pervasive as to be comical and boring, and that would be the black suit and tie with a white shirt. I think we can do better.

For starters, you should stick to neutral colors for your suit in a professional environment, so let’s start with that assumption. That means we use browns, blues, greys, etc. However, we can use the shirt and tie, and even the socks, to add a splash of color. This will create an even more striking look than a vibrant suit would, as it uses a vibrant color more sparingly. For example, with a brown suit, consider a canary yellow shirt to create an Autumnal look. Add to it a red tie, and you’re, pun intended, golden. (Sorry, not sorry.) Bonus points are on the table if you socks match your shirt.