Social Security Disability Insurance

Some people are physically disabled and cannot work as an employee anywhere. The government of USA provides these people with an insurance, which is known as Social Security Disability Insurance. The idea of this fund is to give financial help to those people who are unable to work because of some injury or they are physically unfit. The Social Security Administration is managing this fund and making sure that deserving people get the fund as soon as possible. Some injuries can be for limited time and with time and medical care, these injuries can be cured, such as broken knee, broken leg, or such other medical problems. However, there are some permanent injuries, which cannot be cured for whole lives. This fund is helping both kinds of people but has different conditions. There are two kinds of insurance funds, which help disabled people, SSI and SSDI. SSD or SSDI help all disabled people, without any restriction of monthly income level. However, SSI also known as Supplemental Security Income is limited to those people who are receiving a certain amount of income. People below that amount will only receive SSI.

Listed medical conditions to claim for Social Security Disability Insurance

The blue book also is known as The Social Security Administration’s impairment listing manual has all kind of injuries or medical problems mental and physical, which automatically qualify a person for the SSDI fund also for SSI fund. There are other 200 plus Compassionate Allowance listings of disabilities which make people qualify for SSDI fund.  Some of these conditions are mentioned below so that people can understand them properly.

Digestive System

Hepatitis and Crohn’s disease are those digestive disorders, which prevent people from, and people with these problems can apply for SSDI funds.

Genitourinary Impairments

People with diseases, concerning the reproductive organs and urinary system, including ones requiring Dialysis such as Renal Disease also make the person qualified to claim SSD funds.

Endocrine System

Thyroid disorder and obesity are conditions, which make people unable to work and that it why people with these problems are qualified for the insurance fund.

Cardiovascular System

People how to have bad Heart conditions such as bypass, blood clots, and high blood pressure

Mental Disorders

People with Posttraumatic stress disorder and Schizophrenia cannot work so they qualify for SSD fund.

The lists are very long and it has many other diseases. To apply for the fund the person will have to fill a free evaluation form whether he is qualified for the fund or not.

The applicant can hire a lawyer help in the application process for the fund. Two types of lawyers are dealing with these types of cases; the first type is of those lawyers who have been trained to deal with SSDI insurance funds. The second type is of those who are trained for disability-related cases. There are many people who do not get the funds even they deserve it. Their claims get rejected because they do not have enough knowledge of the right way of appealing. There are many Law firms who have well-trained lawyers and are working especially to help disabled people in their need. If someone is looking for lawyers in lawyer in Ypsilanti, is the best place to look for.

The law of the USA, which is 25% of the rewarded money, sets the lawyer fee, who is dealing with SSDI fund cases, and no representative can charge more than $6,000. If the representative thinks that the case is not strong enough, he can reject to present it on the applicant’s behalf.