Team Building Activity Ideas for Small Offices

Who says your team building activities have to consist of mundane activities like playing ball games together or going on regular outings? You can kick this important activity up a notch, especially when you are a small team of office workers. In fact, by doing unusual and strange team building activities, you can create a stronger bond and enhance synergy among the office members. Here are some incredible team building ideas for small offices.


Paintball may be familiar to many, but it has many exciting features that make it a compelling team building activity. The game is especially suited to small teams of workers, who can compete against each other in an adrenaline-filled, high tension environment in a thrilling battle requiring brains and skill. Few team building activities require as much teamwork as this activity does since the input of a single member can determine whether the team wins or loses. And even if paintball feels a little too familiar, especially because some members have tried it in the past, you can try something more exotic like musk ox hunting.

The Human Knot

This game is a great way for people to lose the inhibitions they have around each other. It should also enhance their communication skills and help them work on their problem-solving skills and recognize the need to work together as a team towards a common goal. With this game, a team of people stands together, shoulder to shoulder. Then they put their hand in the air and grab another person’s hand. After that, they should put up their left hand and grab another person’s hand. It is important that no one takes the hand of someone next to them. From there, the human knot that is created has to be untangled without the circle being broken; otherwise, the game has to start all over again.

The Minefield

In this team building activity, the team should be split into pairs. A large open space is needed, littered with things like bottles, balls, and so forth. One of the members of each pair should be blinded, while the other is given the task of guiding the blindfolded person through the minefield from one end to another through verbal instructions only. The blind person cannot speak a word. The blind person must complete the challenge without stepping on anything, or before all the other blind players, to end up the winner. This game helps build trust, communication skills, and listening skills.


The idea of team building is to push people out of their comfort zones so that they see their work colleagues as more than just the person who fixes computers, handles the office mail, supervises other workers, and so forth. Nothing does this better than trying unfamiliar activities that ensure people feel excited and realize the need to rely on their colleagues in order to succeed. The above ideas are a good way to ensure that team building efforts for small offices deliver better quality results.