Financial Advising, a Lucrative Way of Spending and Earning in the Right Way

Everybody cares about their hard earned money. It is a common human psychology to invest less and get more in returns. But most of the people do not possess the ideas or know the technique of doing so. That is when and where a financial adviser steps in. It is just like going to a doctor. First, you realize that you need help with your health, then you go to the doctor, who diagnoses the problem and informs you how to prevent it and live a better life. Just like that when you realize that you need advice or help to manage your expenses or increase your earnings, you go to a financial adviser who provides you information about the current financial market. Bharti Jogia-Sattar, is an imminent name in the world of finance. She has years of experience in this profession and has worked as a Vice President for the movie making company LIONSGATE. She has also worked with Countrywide Capital Markets. Apart from those she has in and out knowledge about where to invest, when to invest, how much to invest, the market condition etc. Currently she is a freelancing financial service consultant.

When Do you need Financial Adviser’s Help

Services from financial adviser may arise and may not as well. If an individual is well informed and has a basic knowledge about how to invest and save his money, then he would not be required anyone’s help. However all the people are not the same just like all the fingers are not of equal length. There are people who employ financial advisers. These are the times when they require the help of the advisers:

  • While buying a new Home
  • While acquiring knowledge about savings and investments
  • Retirement Planning
  • Advises on financial products and commodities.

Financial Advising is a full time occupation. There are many companies who employ individuals in this job role. So does individual people take help from the advisers to make sure that their money are safe and invested in a place which is safe and they good returns for that. The main reason why people take help from the advisers are because of few simple factors:

  • Professional and expert knowledge about the Money
  • Custom made plans that suits every individual’s needs
  • Logical financial Decisions

In short, financial advising for individuals helps to save your money and invest in places where the risk factor is less. It also helps in getting money back. For example, share market and other investments of same kind. This is another way of earning some extra side money. everyone loves to lead a comfortable life with their family and provide oneself and their family the best.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar, is one of the popular and well qualified independent financial adviser, with years of experience. She has also worked in the real estate domain as a CFO(Chief Financial Officer) and as a Financial Controller at PL Acquisitions. Ms. Jogia-Sattar has started her career when she was an undergraduate, but with time and perseverance she is now one of the top financial advisers who operate in the greater Los Angeles metro area.